Shut Down Pornhub

100,000s have already signed the petition to shut down Pornhub aka Rapehub, Trafficking Hub, Child Abuse Hub, Incest Hub, Torture Hub, Mutilation Hub. Add your voice here






March 2018 SUCCESS: Ann Summers Dumps Pornhub

After protests outside shops and over 2,000 people signing petitions, Ann Summers has announced it will dump all association with Pornhub.


March 2018: Submission to APPG on Sexual Violence and Porn

Feb 2018: Submission to Women and Equalities Committee on Sexual Harassment and Porn


Feb  2018: Letter to BBFC, the new Porn Regulator

We ask the British Board of Film Classification what will be done to end abuse porn and why MindGeek, owner of world's largest porn sites, might be the new age verifier for porn