The Lies


The porn industry, aided by its mouth piece, the mass media, has hidden behind a veneer of 'glamour' and 'aspiration' for decades. Here we blow apart the typical arguments used by porn supporters. If you have not read THE TRUTH about porn you should read that first ..



Women Consent to It

You cannot legally or medically consent to abuse.




What about the stuff that Isn’t Abusive?

Good luck in finding it! Whatever diminishingly small fraction of non abusive porn that is now left. But the key purpose of that is purely to give a ‘respectable face’ to the industry, for the media to jump on and of course, to ‘sell it’ to women.  


Like calling torture ‘Kink’


But even this isn’t harmless either to the women in it or to attitudes towards all women.



Take Page 3, which you can’t even begin to call ‘porn’. But even the harmless fun of page 3 carries a heavy toll – former models talk about how harmful it was to them, to their self esteem, their body image, how men treated them like property, like they owned them, how they were treated like sluts, the slippery slope of floods of offers coming in to do hardcore porn.



 And we all appreciate that this soft porn, in fact even the mere objectification of women harms all women and girls who see it because of the effect it has on their body image and their self-esteem. And even worse it tells all men that they have absolute rights and ownership over women, often very cheaply, and that women are stupid, silly and submissive and their entire purpose is to sexually arouse men.


So even this non-abusive porn is still demeaning and it is still harmful. And of course if you allow non abusive porn it will soon morph into abuse at an uncontrollable level. As that is exactly what has happened and why mainstream porn is now simply filmed abuse.




What About Feminist Porn?

There is no feminist porn. Feminist porn is no different from any other porn. Just because a woman is making it, doesn’t make it feminist. They’re still calling it porn after all. In fact ‘feminist porn’ often seems to mean the more abusive end of the spectrum.


These are some of the best known 'Feminist Pornographers':


anna spanAn award-winning ‘feminist pornographer’ is a well known advocate of rape porn (she was also selected as a Lib Dem MP candidate).



pandora blakeAn advocate of BDSM so extreme it leaves wheals on her body  (she also runs ‘home made porn making classes’ for people to ‘add spice’ to their relationships).



Men aren’t interested in 'nice porn' or ‘feminist porn’ so market forces make it impossible to produce this, even if pornographers do start off with the best intentions in the world.


feminist porn




What About ‘Nice Porn’

“what about women liking a gentle hand around the throat or doing it to men”


abuse pornBut porn doesn’t show a gentle hand – it shows a women being choked till she passes out and it certainly doesn’t show a women doing it to men (except for almost invisible ‘niche’ porn).


Porn doesn’t show a mutual, respectful relationship where the man is doing things to a woman to give her pleasure. There are no safe words, there is no consent, there is no relationship.





What About Gay porn ?



gay porn

Analyses of top selling gay porn reveals a very different picture. There is kissing, hugging, stroking – unheard of in straight porn. There are mutual, respectful relationships. Even videos that claim to show ‘crying’ or ‘pain’ do not. Even BDSM gay porn is so mild as to not even qualify as arousing on the straight scene.





Isn't Recent Porn Regulation most anti Female Pleasure?

Recent restrictions were brought in to bring on line porn in line with porn videos, which already prohibited abuse. This was grossly mis-represented by the porn industry and the mass media as played out as ‘anti feminist porn’ and ‘against female pleasure’:



'Face Sitting'

It was claimed that ‘face sitting’ was now banned. Face sitting, however, was not banned, merely any porn that restricted breathing (clearly very unlikely if a woman is sitting on someone’s face). It should also be pointed out that there is no oral sex given to women by men in straight porn. Porn is not interested in women receiving pleasure. The only face sitting in porn is women sitting on other women’s faces, for male viewers.




It was also claimed that ‘squirting’ was banned. Squirting is supposed to be female ejaculate – supposedly torrents of fluid exiting a woman’s vagina when she orgasms. This is another fabrication of the porn industry. Women do not ‘ejaculate’ copious fluid, merely small amount of vaginal discharge, if at all. Any ‘gush’ or ‘flood’ (as the porn industry refers to it) will be urine.  And yes urination is prohibited, for surely obvious reasons.




What About My Own Home Made Porn?

“what about home made porn, I have a right to upload that surely”


What started off as ‘home made’ porn, people simply filming themselves with hand held cameras has become the most abusive type of porn now available – the gonzo porn described here.


If you want to film yourself having sex, go ahead. But even if you keep it private, be aware that there is a good chance of this ending up as revenge porn on the internet perhaps after your relationship has broken up when you don’t want the world to see.


Actually you could reasonably describe all porn as ‘revenge porn’ as it has clearly been made with vengeance against women as the driving force and is uploaded without any genuine consent from the women involved.


And besides, why do we think we have a right to watch other people having sex? Are we really not capable of doing our own thing, do we really have to copy or voyeur others?


Why do we think we have the right to upload us having sex for others to see? By doing this aren’t we just promoting a culture of peeing Tom, of turning something that is personal into public property. And how real will that sex be anyway? Aren’t we all going to put on a performance if we think others are watching? And doesn’t that then just propagate the same old porn-driven stereotypes of what sex is supposed to be?



Porn Doesn’t Make Men Rape!

No one’s saying if a man watches one porn video he’s then going to go out and rape the first female he finds!


But if a man already has a disposition to force sex acts on a woman then surely the last thing he should be accessing is porn (often ad nauseum) that does just that?


Research has shown porn consumption ‘desensites’ us all to unwanted and abusive sex. Certainly researchers for this and other anti-porn sites will tell you they become desensitised to the images they are dealing with.


Why not do your own experiment. Look at the images on this site. Did they shock you the 1st time you say them? By the 3rd or 4th time you’ve seen them do they still shock you?


If they no longer shock or upset you, how much more quickly do you think a man who is masturbating to them stops being shocked by them? He's not the one being abused in it and when he watches it he's doing it to orgasm - he directly associating the abuse of women with his sexual pleasure.




Rapists say Porn Plays a Major Role in their Crimes

You would be hard pressed to find a rapist, a serial rapist or a child rapist who hasn’t consumed porn, often in large volumes. Many of them say that the porn was a direct contributing factor to their raping and to making rape ‘ok’ in their minds.




Porn is just Fantasy and has no Bearing on Reality

Of course it effects the real world sex and relationships! Young people have been saying for decades that ‘the media’ is their main source of sex education. Now that role has been taken over by porn which has again been highlighted by copious research



Even if men tell themselves ‘it’s just acting’, what kind of man is it that gets off, masturbates to, women being sexually abused? What kind of attitudes do you think he has towards women?


And how an earth to you think we are ever going to see an end to the 10 million women who experience male violence in the UK, while men are getting off on sexual assault?



And, not meaning to sound rectum-obsessed, but and anal sex provides the most blatantly obvious example of this. 20/25 years ago anal sex in porn was very much niche and in real life was basically unheard of. Now it is essentially all porn sex and approx. 1/3 of heterosexual couples (in USA) are doing anal. It is self evident there would not be an increase in anal sex in real life if it weren’t for the porn industry ‘fantasy’


Take shaving pubes. Again a generation ago this was almost unheard of. Now women and girls are under huge pressure to shave. This has again come solely from the porn industry and sex trade, by lap dancing by women shaved in porn.


Take implants. Over a decade ago 1/3 teen girls surveyed said they would get implants. This has only come from the porn industry and media objectification – constantly pushing women in push up bras as young girls role models. Or men oogling over lad’s mags and porn wanting their girlfriends in real life to similarly resemble a blow up doll



Take vaginal surgery aka ‘designer vaginas’. Where an earth do you think this has come from? Where are men seeing surgically altered vaginas? Where are women? It’s come directly from the porn industry of course.




Anal Sex is Unwanted

Most porn now involves anal sex. An increasing number of young men now demand anal sex from their girlfriends in real life (because of copying what is in porn).


Women (not in porn) say they do not want it, it is painful, their boyfriends know that it is painful and unwanted and yet expect it.


Do you think women in porn are magically totally different from women not in porn? They magically don’t find anal painful and are loving it?




Women in Porn say it’s great

Women in porn, prostitution, lap dancing will never ‘come out’ against the industry while they are in it.


If a woman in porn is already being raped every day by 5 men what do you think they are going to do to her if she dares to speak out? Any anyway who do you think is going to believe her? After all no one thinks a woman in porn can be raped, isn’t that what she signed up to?




You’re Patronising

Surely what is patronising is ignoring the voices of women who have left the industry and had the extraordinary bravery to expose its reality? Surely what’s patronising is ignoring the self evident fact that women in porn are abused. You only need to look at a porn vid to see that.



Don’t Tell Us What our Sexuality Should Be

“Don’t tell women who chose to do porn or any of the rest of us what their sexuality should be”. We’re not, porn is. And surely none of our sexualities should be painful, humiliating, traumatic, coerced? And if anyone does think that is their sexuality surely they should be in a psychologist’s chair not a porn set?



Definition of Porn

The very definition of pornography means ‘The Study of Enslaved Prostitutes’. It would be nice to think that we cannot even begin to imagine the abuse they would have suffered. But we would be wrong. All you need to do is go on to any porn site to see exactly what they would have experienced and possibly much worse. And that is sadly why the definition holds as true today as when it was coined.



But Women in Porn Have Consented

You cannot legally or clinically consent to abuse. And these women clearly have not consented – just look at their faces!


And you cannot buy consent, whether it’s in porn or prostitution. The minute money is involved, consent becomes meaningless.




Women Need Porn & Sex Work to keep them out of poverty

Wow talk about patronizing!  Are you saying women in the porn or sex trade are incapable of doing anything else?


Besides, you cannot use a circular argument like that. You cannot say women are driven into porn through poverty and then say therefore we must keep porn! What wee need to do is address poverty. And our time and effort should be focused on that.



You’ll be Putting Women out of a Job!

You can’t defend abuse by saying ‘someone needs to be abused in order to be paid’. Let’s ‘OK’ sweat shops then and child labour then.



You can’t Ban it – that’s Censorship.

Why not? We ban/censor stuff all the time. We are banned from driving without a seat belt in a car or a helmet on a motorbike. No one shrieks this is a breach of their civil liberties. Surely we should be trying to stop/ban anything that is harmful? And porn is overwhelmingly harmful – for the women in it and for attitudes towards all women.



You can’t ban it, it will just go Underground

Funny how no one cries this about anything else. No one says ‘you can’t ban child porn it will just go underground on to the dark web’. Porn, like prostitution, can never ‘go underground’. It needs punters to find it. If punters can find it, so can the authorities, so can bots.



You can’t stop it, it’s inevitable at least if it’s ‘open and above board’ we can regulate it

You can’t stop murder, you can’t stop burgleries. So let’s not ban them either! Haven’t you noticed how no one ever says ‘it’s inevitable, you can’t stop it’ about anything except the porn and sex trade’?  And the fact is, having it ‘in the open’ doesn’t mean its been regulated, it’s just made it a mainstream free-for-all and become more and more abusive over the years




It seems strange that people who are stridently opposed to Capitalism are embracing the porn and sex trade. They are now the ultimate expressions of capitalism, barely one rung on the ladder above slavery. It is the buying and selling of women, of sex, of things that should never have a price tag attached to them! Karl Marx certainly never advocated porn or prostitution as ‘free choice’ and ‘helping women have a job’!




But Women Chose it

But you’ve just said women are driven into it through poverty or needing flexible work around child care. That’s not ‘choice’ is it? The fact is that 75% of women in prostitution go into it through poverty. 70% of women in prostitution have PTSD, 45% sexually abused as children, 95% of women in street prostitution are heavy drug users. The fact also is that 90-95% of women in porn and in prostitution say they would like to get out.


The minute people say those 3 little words ‘freedom of choice’ they are on a losing wicket.


Choice is not some simple issue, it is hugely influenced by our circumstances, by our vulnerability, by our porny culture that tells little girls from the day they are born that they’re entire wroth is based on their appearance and, from a younger and younger age, in putting on a sex show for men.


How many of us would dare not to shave our legs for instance? We have so little genuine free choice that it defies belief. Especially for women. The saying ‘men are born free yet everywhere in chains’ could not be more true. And for women this is true a 1,000 times over.


And it’s not just about ‘choosing to go into the industry’. It’s about ‘choosing’ to get out. And how many women do you think can even conceive of ‘choosing’ to get out of the porn or sex trade when they have PTSD, zero self esteem, no options.


It’s also about ‘informed choice’. Even if girls grow up watching abusive porn with boyfriends who then carry out their ‘porn fantasies’ on them, does it really prepare for the reality of being on that porn set and being gang raped every day?




Porn’s Edgy and Rebellious

Porn is absolutely mainstream, it could not be less edgy! The only rebellion is rebelling against porn.


And it never was edgy, it has always been about just peddling out the same old, backward stereotypes that women’s role is to be subservient, look good, get men turned on and behave however men like. How is that rebellious?


It trudges out the same old victim blaming – women in porn are ‘whores’, women who sleep around are ‘sluts’.


It reels out the same oppression of women’s sexuality as religion and culture has always done. But instead of having no sexuality, women’s sexuality is defined by men’s sexuality (which in turn has been defined by porn). And that ‘sexuality’ is brutal and cruel beyond belief.




Slippery Slope

We can’t ban anything as it’s just a slippery slope – where will it end! We’ll be banning Lady Chatterley’s Love next! No one’s talking about banning literature or art work. We are talking about banning abuse.


And the only ‘slippery slope’ here is PORN where abuse has become more and more mainstream. And it has slipped into an abyss of abuse.





Would we Tolerate Abuse if it was done to any other group?

Would we tolerate seeing anyone other group of people abused and strung up the way women are in porn?











Would we tolerate this if it were done by whites to black people? Would we say ‘but those black people consented’, ‘they’re being paid’, ‘we’d be putting them out of a job’, ‘we have to defend their right to choose’? Or would we condemn it without question as an act of race hate by the whites involved and inciting racial hatred in the wider community?



Why do we not apply the same standards to women?