The Truth


Mainstream Porn is Filmed Sexual Abuse



The amount of abuse now in pornography is absolutely astonishing. In fact it can only be described as ‘filmed sexual assault’. If there were no camera involved, the men doing this would all be on trial for rape, sexual assault and GBH.


It should be called ‘Abuse Porn’.


If you are not aware of the reality of porn you will think we are lying, making it up, grossly over exaggerating. Sadly we are not.




Because porn stopped being about sex a very long time ago. Researchers analysing the content in top selling porn 7 years ago found that 90% of the most viewed porn shows women being abused. This percentage will have increased since then as porn becomes progressively more abusive.



We have shown very few images here as they are upsetting. The few we have shown  are not sexual. But we are showing images because it is not until you see porn that you can really start to see how extraordinarily abusive it is.


All the information and images shown here are from Pornhub, the world's most popular porn site.







What is Modern Day Porn ?


pornModern day porn is essentially all poor quality ‘home made’ videos that individuals upload. It often involves 5 men at a time while the woman provides ‘3 holes and a pair of hands’. The men often stand around quite casually while  ramming her violently in every orifice hitting, strangling and spitting on her – screaming sexual insults and mocking her throughout.





The victims in this will often be crying and screaming in pain, gagging, choking, vomiting and passing out. Or they will be unresponsive or even suggest they are enjoying. It is not unusual to see that the victims, often teenage girls, have dissociated - blank and expressionless - which human beings do to cope with extreme abuse.



It is about women being fisted, vaginas and anuses bleeding, and tearing, anal prolapse, men ejaculating all over their victim’s faces, men thrusting penises all the way into her mouth while she gags and vomits.






This is standard porn and the type of ‘action’ you’ll see in essentially every video. Much of the emphasis is on showing the woman hurt and abused. Like close ups of the anus as it tears, like an emphasis on the women’s face rather than the sex that is being done to her like the language that is used to describe the videos (as shown below).







But don’t take our word for it. Go look on Pornhub the world’s largest porn site. That is where all the information here has come from.




The Language of Love


The titles of porn videos alone speak for themselves:

abuse porn













Typical Video Titles:


pornand that means intense pain



pornwhich means a  woman being suffocated or strangled (not to give her any kind of pleasure) but strangled while men stand around mocking them and laughing at her



Which means ‘crying and screaming’ in pain (not with pleasure).




These are the ‘code words’ for Rape.







Porn’s ‘Greatest Hits’


Incest Porn

‘Incest porn’ is the most popular porn. This involves abusive sex supposedly being carried out on little sisters, mums, step-sisters. It has entire channels dedicated to it on pornhub. Individual videos can have 300 million views or more.



incest porn




Sexual Harassment Porn

Other popular ‘genres’ are about sexual assaults - women being groped, fingered, raped, ejaculated on - in public spaces, like buses & schools:


harassment porn












Is it any wonder that every woman is harassed at some point in public, why 1 in 3 school girls are groped at school, why men are ejaculating on women in public space, why we need ‘upskirting’ (taking pictures up women’s skirt without their knowledge) to be made a criminal offence.



It begs the question how can it ever be Times Up for sexual harassment when men are watching, being sexually aroused by and desensitised to, a wealth of Harassment Porn?



There’s a Porn for it

But, really, it is a case of if you can think of it (or even if you can’t) there’s a porn for it. Brutal sex carried out on amputee women, hospitalised and bed-bound women, women with learning difficulties (dubbed ‘retarded’ and with consent waivers), Mother’s are MILFs (Mother’s I’d Like to F*CK), Grandmas are GILFS. Literally no woman is safe.




The Remaining 10%

The Slippery Slope into the Abyss


So that’s 90% of porn. What about the rest of it?


Well as men get more and more de-sensitised by the endless stream of porn abusing adult (aka barely legal teens) the next step, the next thrill, is often to abuse little girls. So abusive adult porn directly fuels child porn. And if that doesn’t tickle men’s fancy you then you enter the world of torture and mutilation.




Child Porn

Despite all real or simulated child porn being illegal here in the UK there are still vast quantities of both on major porn portals like Pornhub.




Simulated Child Porn

There are countless videos and channels on the world’s favourite porn site, Pornhub, dedicated to pseudo child porn. This uses very reaslitic computer generated imagery to show little girls being raped or adult women simulating little girls. 


child porn

These are the ‘code words’ for pseudo child porn.




Real Child Porn

This often uses Asian victims (of Japanese and Chinese origin) – in keeping with the racism of porn and perhaps, in part, because of the ‘cartoon’ Manga porn that appeared until recently in normal Japanese comics.



chid pornThis is just one of the channels on Pornhub dedicated to seemingly very underage girls on the word’s largest porn site, Pornhub




child pornJust one example of numerous videos depicting what appears to be very young girls.‘ Don't forget, 'ambushed’ sis the 'code word' for rape.






BDSM or ‘Kink’ aka Torture & Mutilations


hangedYou then you have your BDSM or 'Kink' porn. This is extreme abuse, as if the rest wasn’t abusive enough. Although it should be noted that there is no clear dividing line as to when 'regular' porn starts to become 'extreme abuse porn'.


The very mildest of this are things like women being hung, literally hung. Women being hog tied, girls being urinated on and into, into their mouths, into their anuses. 


Much involves specialists equipment, akin to what you might expect in a Medieval dungeon into which women are strapped and strung up. 





It’s women being suffocated in cling film or vacuum sealed, gag balls, nipples being pierced through by needles, cigarettes put out on nipples and vaginas; breasts, genitals and backsides being whipped with paddles or wire whips while they bleed; women’s eyelids, nipples and genitals being electrocuted.



torture porn





There is clearly no consent, no safe words, it obviously is not some kind of mutual relationship. The women in it have mostly dissociated which is what human beings do to cope with extreme abuse. They are so traumatised and mentally broken that they might even “enjoy” the torture. They may even tweet about ‘how great’ it was afterwards alongside pictures of the cuts, bruises and open wounds all over their body. That is not genuine pleasure. This is not ‘consent’.




Insex Porn


And then there are the Live streamings of ‘on demand torture’ where men send in their requests for what they want done to a woman.. Or so called INSEX Porn. Porn so abusive that it was investigated by the FBI and forced to shut down. Well guess what, it’s now back up for all to see.



And all this is dubbed ‘Kink’ – trying to sell even torture as something fun, cool and for ‘women who are in control of their sexuality’. This is the kind of pornogander that  the Porn industry has hidden behind for decades. Don’t be deceived.